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Thursday, October 15, 2009


"Cairo University students wearing the niqab, a black veil which covers the face except for the eyes, stand outside the university dormitory on October 7, 2009, unable to enter due to new rules preventing admission to niqab wearers. Parallel to this, the Al-Azhar sheikh, Egypt's top Islamic authority, has reportedly said the niqab is not part of Islam, and plans to ban it from the prestigious Al-Azhar University campus."

What's ur opinions?


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  2. bismillah..

    salam alaik.

    there's a lot of rumors regarding this matter. some peeps say, news paper do make up stories for readers to look bad on ulama'. this is what i've read:-

    that syeikh (sorry, i cant recall his name) do respect women with niqab but he want to make things clear that niqab is not obligatory. no need to wear niqab when in the university consist of muslimat only.


  3. for me, its not wrong to do that but perhaps its too strict.. [if the new is true]

    wearing niqab(closing face) is not stated in any verses of qur'an. but if im not mistaken, there are in some hadith. frhtrmore, wearing niqab has been issued between ulama' where there are 'perselisihan pendapat'... it depends on situation, mayb the situations prefer to make the rules as stated by Syeikh Tantawi. he can make the changes as what 'umar alkhattab made many changes...


    p/s- mine is a very bad english.. ar!

  4. hehe. thanx for the comment. I'm really totally agree with both of you. Most of the cases, newspaper n rumors make up it very well to attrack readers untill change the true facts.
    as muslim, we:
    heard, and then find the truth =)

    huhu Ku. We improve together..